People on a Deck
"Cultivating and Rekindling
a Love for God and People"

We are here to encourage you.  We believe that everyone can have a full and happy life through faith in Jesus Christ.  This is not about religion.  We want to help transform lives by sharing how a relationship with God has changed ours. 


We do this by meeting people where they are, regardless of religious background, affiliation or belief in God--or not.  All are welcome to join and connect with us.  We would love to hear from you!

Foggy Mountains
spiritual Health -
We are committed to continuously exercising spiritual health.
We want to be real with one another; vulnerable, truthful and build trust.
Faith in Jesus is our foundation
everyone matters-
God loves diversity and God loves everyone. So will we.
We work together help each other
You belong -
You are welcomed and are accepted.