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the Meaning of Christmas

Our first eBook is a few short pages about the meaning of Christmas. We tried to write this in a way that is easy to understand then, we had a colleague provide a deeper meaning from a theological perspective. This would be ideal for youth, seekers and new believers. The following is an excerpt. You can download a free copy at the link below.

From the moment we begin to understand gifts and presents as kids or toddlers, we learn about Christmas. Why? It’s inevitable that Christmas Day--December 25th will come. For most people, especially here in America, we are introduced to Santa Claus and told that December 25th is a “religious” holiday. Santa is easy to understand and so is a baby being born.

As we get older and realize that a jolly bearded man, flying around with reindeer and coming down a chimney is likely not real, our focus turns elsewhere. Many view Christmas as a time to buy presents, get time off from work, spend time with family, friends and, overeat. Of course, this comes with pressure and stress.

The data is a bit mixed, but it’s safe to say that over fifty percent of people in America identify themselves as Christians, with even more worldwide. This probably means that at some point growing up, they were taught about Jesus: the little baby boy in the manger, a shining star, the messiah prophesied about by Isaiah and other prophets, born of a virgin, and so on. This event was so significant, we created a birth date (no one really knows the exact day Jesus was born) and a holiday was created.

Granted, there are many who understand and have a deep understanding of Christmas, but people have moved away from why this all happened in the first place. New generations are not being taught the significance of Jesus’ birth. Signs are being removed from stores, and in some parts of the country, we are terrified of saying, “Merry Christmas”(yes, sarcasm detected). Yet, it’s okay to commercialize, take time off, go to parties, concerts and basically celebrate a holiday only to sneer at the slight mention of a Christian reason for Christmas.

However, do you know what is the most ironic thing ever when it comes to this? Those who won’t acknowledge the reason for Christmas are loved anyway by the One who started it all—born in Bethlehem--fully God and fully man.


“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” – John 3:16

You don’t have to go too deep to understand or believe the reason. Here goes, simply put, God sent his one and only Son to save us from our sins. His Son sacrificed his life for us and took the punishment for all our sins on the cross--just like a soldier dies on the battlefield for his country and fellow citizens. He did this so we could be free. Free to experience God’s grace, mercy and love. And all we have to do is believe! He did this because he loved us so much. Yes, on Christmas we will celebrate the birth of Jesus, God in man form, who was born to die for all of US.

Please feel free to download a free copy here

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