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my name is...

joe ramirez, mba

Coach, Speaker, Pastor & Author

Life Coach (Faith Based)
One on One
zoom or In Person

Feel free to connect by sending me an email or to schedule an appointment 

latest Podcast

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new workshop

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This is a workshop for beginners who don't know where to start when it comes to social media marketing for their church.

This workshop will cover:



  • Why Social Media Marketing is essential for carrying out the Great Commission

  • Data that supports the biggest change when it comes to outreach.

  • Learn the basics of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & TikTok

  • Static Image Posts vs. Video / Reels

  • Types of Content / Best Practices

  • How to run social media Ads on a small budget.

  • Demonstrations and Q&A

This workshop is designed to have immediate impact so that your social media marketing can get started just in time for the holidays.

DEC. 2ND 9am to Noon
15905 Sunset Boulevard, CA 90272

coaching &

Hi, my name is Joe Ramirez.  I've had quite a life so far and would love to spend the remaining chapter helping others.  There's been lots of mistakes, failures, successes, ups, downs, etc. I think you get the picture.  With all that I've been through, I would like to share my experience, strength and hope to help you get to the next level.      

life experience

Shortly after graduating high school, I joined the Marine Corps since my girlfriend and I were expecting a child.  For the next eight years, I was a military policeman, investigator and travelled around the world.  I learned a lot but when I moved to California, I was inspired by several people to start my first business.  This started an entrepreneurial journey that still holds today.  I have started several businesses, bought and merged six companies, managed thousands of employees and have the privilege of operating in several States throughout the country.  This was mainly in the security sector.  Thanks to the influence of my father-in-law "Bucky", I achieved my MBA in 2011 at Pepperdine University.


In 2003, my life took another turn and I met my current wife, best friend and soulmate.  As they say, she's helped me become a better person both spiritually and professionally.  Along the way, I found recovery and began a new relationship with God.  In 2015, I sold my security businesses and along with my wife, planted a church Revive LA.  We enjoy reaching new people for God and with His guidance, help others.  This we believe, is our calling.

This is why, I've decided to organize coaching and encouragement as part of my new journey.  Below, I'm concentrating in two areas.  Feel free to send me an email anytime.  I promise I will get back to you, answer any questions and do my best to improve your life or situation. 

spiritual life coACH


Faith based introduction to a spiritual life, self discovery, spiritual principles, relationships, dating, confidence, purpose, peace, self-esteem and more.


Breaking down preconceived notions, separating religion, unveiling the twelve spiritual principles, group moderator, shares and meditation. 


Open to speak at live events including church pulpit supply, special events and seminars. 

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I'm always looking for new and exciting ways to help.  Let's connect.


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