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Pastors Joe and Cyndi Ramirez founded REVIVE because they have a heart for Jesus.  Their mission is to cultivate and rekindle a love for God and people. They have a passion to see people's lives restored through a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Pastor Joe is a veteran of the US Marine Corps. After serving in the military, he became CEO of his own company for over 20 years and earned an MBA at Pepperdine University. Currently, he is the Director of Operations for a non-profit. 

In recovery himself, Joe, a servant leader, is passionate about helping and being of service to others who share the same struggle in sobriety. His recovery journey led him into a deeper, and more rewarding relationship with God through Jesus Christ, and his life has never been the same! His preaching is inspiring, rich in the wisdom gained through life experience and focuses on applying God's Word to our lives.


Pastor Cyndi, formerly an actress in the industry, has been teaching English  in LAUSD since 2005. She is pursuing her Master's of Divinity at Fuller Theological Seminary. Cyndi is a prayer warrior who seeks to help others develop a closer relationship with Jesus. Her preaching encourages others to grow  spiritually in their faith and understanding of the Bible, and live out a Spirit-led, grace-filled, Christian life in God's love. 

Joe and Cyndi have been married for 17 years, and live with their beautiful, spunky, ten-year-old daughter named Katia, along with their two adorable cats, Silky and Sonny. 

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